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11/28/08 10:20 AM #13    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Just think, one year from today we will be reuniting with our fellow classmates after 20 years! This week we have found 2 more classmates, 46 are coming to the reunion, and 901 have visited the website thus far. There is also a new feature on the site to allow a others to post comments. This feature has to activated by you and is turned off by default. To allow comments, log into the site, click "edit profile", check the box next to "classmate comments", then save your profile. Check it out!

Also, when you are in the attic getting out your christmas decorations, please stop and look for old pictures. If you can copy them and send them to me (, I will use them at the reunion in a display or video. If you find your old yearbook picture, you can add it to your profile or send it to me and I can do it for you.

Don't forget to wish Joe Gradwell a Happy Birthday today!

As always, keep spreading the word...we still need to find 141 missing classmates!

12/01/08 01:17 PM #14    

Julie Chludzinski (Kirik)

Yikes, I don't know if there will be room on the web site for all of the hair in our senior pictures. Gotta love that big hair!

12/01/08 05:29 PM #15    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Do they still make Aqua Net????

12/04/08 06:18 AM #16    

Jason Hoegle

Its nice to see someone is paying attention...

12/05/08 01:42 PM #17    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Hello All! We found 3 more classmates this week. We now have found 36% of our class or 76 classmates. So far, 1145 people have visited the website. We still have a lot of friends to find. I know that many more know about the website as I have been making calls but they might need a if you see someone from our class please tell them about the site. It really is cool learning about all of our classmates and seeing the pictures. Thanks to all of those that are excited about this reunion. It is making it all worth it to see that others are just as excited! It is official...November 28th at Jeffries Landing with DJ Scott Miser as I just put the deposits down for both of them.....Sounds like a good time huh?

Don't forget to wish Heidi Hall and Stacie Tuccinard a happy birthday this week!

12/10/08 07:17 PM #18    

Julie Chludzinski (Kirik)

Talk about a blast from the past, didn't Scott DJ when we were in school??
I don't know about everyone else, but I can't believe we have been out of school this long. It is amazing to see what people have achieved and accomplished. Who would have thought?

12/12/08 01:24 PM #19    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Yes! Scott Miser is a blast from the past and is giving us a good deal on his DJ if you see him tell him thanks! Now for our weekly update. We have found 4 more classmates this week bringing our total up to 80 classmates found and 50 have signed up to have a good time at the reunion. We need to locate 134 more classmates. keep spreading the word guys!

Don't forget to wish Stacie Tuccinard and Pam Dymond a happy birthday this week!

12/19/08 08:56 AM #20    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Happy Holidays everyone! This week was a little busier on the website as I am sure everyone is just as busy at home getting ready for the holidays. We welcomed 5 more classmates which brings our total to 85 classmates (40%)found and 129 still missing. And, 54 friends have signed up to have a good time at the reunion! This is sure to be a fun time.

Dont't forget to wish our Christmas Baby, Steve Zidow a Happy Birthday next week and I hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas!

01/09/09 09:57 PM #21    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. We have reached a milestone here on the reunion website. We have had over 2000 visitors on the website. That means that many of us are still interested in whats going on with the class of 1989! Over the past couple weeks we have welcomed 8 more classmates bringing our total to 93 classmates found and 121 still missing. And, 58 classmates have signed up to have a good time at the reunion. It is sure to be a blast! We need everyones input for this to be a success so I will soon be posting a date/time/meeting place to have our first committee meeting. We need to make this a group effort so anyone (and everyone) is welcome. Be sure to check back often for any updates or message forum postings and don't forget to wish Mike Krovisky, Bill Bain, Leahrae Owens and Stacey Rainey a Happy Birthday!

01/19/09 10:27 PM #22    

Scot Buffington

I just found out about the web site after watching the Steeler game with Ken Stahl.
If anyone needs help putting this together, let me know. I'm still local and living up on Dutch Ridge.

01/23/09 06:35 PM #23    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Hello everyone! At reunion central we have been busy little bees trying to locate more missing classmates and our work is starting to pay off! 50% of our class confirmed that they have been located by joining this website. We now have 107 active members and 107 classmates still haven't joined. There are about 30 classmates that we have contacted that haven't joined the site (you know who you please join in and make it easier for us!) We now have 65 classmates that signed up to have a good time at the reunion. We added a few new things to the site. First, there will be a meeting for anyone that is interested in helping out on March 6th (details on the home page). Second, there is a reunion survey tab added to the left side column. This tool is going to help us plan the reunion in hopes to please the majority of the people. I know that we are not going to please everyone but we will do our best. The first survey topic of dinner type and bar type will be listed until our March meeting when we discuss the menu options with the banquet coordinator. This reunion is going to be a group effort and we value your opinion. Have a great week and don't forget to wish Dave Garber and Marsha Jordan a Happy Birthday this week! And GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

01/30/09 09:24 AM #24    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Hello everyone TGIF! It has been a great week, we have found 7 more classmates to bring our total to 114 classmates found and 69 are coming to the reunion. It is going to be a great get-together! Don't forget to express your opinion on the reunion survey for dinner and bar type. So far, it looks like an open bar and buffet are winning. Also, if you have not provided your address on your profile, please update it or email it to me so we can send stuff out to you. Thanks to those that are planning on coming to the reunion meeting...Leahrae, Brenda, Stacey, Erin and Paula. Let me know if you plan on coming so we can save you a seat!


02/06/09 06:13 PM #25    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

How about them STEELERS! Woo Hoo! What a week! This week we welcomed 2 more classmates to bring our total to 116 classmates found. Others have been found but just did not log on know who you are (Please log on and update us so we don't have to hunt you down!). If you have already updated your profile but didnt include your address, please either email it to me or include it in your profile so we have it when it comes time to send out reunion information. Don't forget to wish Dave Naber, Tom Yankello and Lisa Berardi a Happy Birthday this week.

02/16/09 02:56 PM #26    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Happy Presidents Day everyone..hope you are enjoying your day off. Just a quick update. We have found 8 more classmates to bring our total to 124 classmates found (57%) with 92 still missing. 73 classmates have signed up to have a good time at the reunion. The dinner/bar type survey looks like the buffet dinner and open bar are winning. If you haven't voiced your opinion, then please do so before March 6th when the committee will meet with the banquet coordinator. Also, we will be looking for fundraising ideas. If you have any ideas please let me know. Don't forget to wish Casey Guitierrez and Brad Pavelek a Happy Birthday this week.

02/27/09 04:18 AM #27    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Hello classmates! Just a quick note to keep everyone updated. We have now found 60% of our class. 130 classmates found after 20 years is not too shabby! We are still looking for 87 classmates, so if you see someone on the missing classmates list that you know how to get in touch with then please give them a nudge. Our goal is to find everyone and we can only do that with everyones help. We now have 77 classmates signed up to have a good time at the reunion. Don't forget to voice your preferences on dinner and bar type this week (see the reunion survey tab to the left). Finally, the first committee meeting is still set for Friday, March 6th at 7pm at Jeffries Landing. Please let me know if you plan on coming. Have a great week and don't forget to wish Paul Bianchi a Happy Birthday!

03/07/09 06:08 PM #28    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Please see the committee meeting minutes to the left side on the home page.

We are now up to 133 classmates found and 80 classmates are planning on coming to the reunion.

Don't forget to wish Kathy Lyons, Ben Nichols, Mike Rupert and Deb Buch a Happy Birthday this week.

On a sad note and with deepest sympathy, David Naber's father passed away this past week...please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

03/22/09 10:43 AM #29    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Happy Spring everyone! As March is going out like a lamb, the reunion committe has still been working on finding those missing classmates. So far 143 classmates have joined this site and we have addresses for many more...our missing classmates list is shrinking. Thanks to all those who provided leads to find the missing classmates. We have had over 4000 hits on the website thus far ....which can only mean that we are real excited to catch up with old classmates at the upcoming reunion. 84 people have already signed up to have a good time at the reunion and many others are waiting closer to the date to commit to it. We should have a good turn out. Birthdays coming up are Lisa Wylie, Tim Schulmeister, Erin Regney and Don Nevill...please stop by their profile to wish them a happy birthday.

03/27/09 11:38 PM #30    

Steve Mason

OK Define Casual ..LOL
MOst in the Area that see me I'm in Shorts and Sandles ..
Need you to clarify this so I don't go Naked or over dressed ....
Slacks and a Shirt /SHorts and a Golf shirt /Shorts and a T-Shirt /Speedo and a Tank ??

04/08/09 09:15 PM #31    

Kimberly Wolf (Daugherty)

Hey Steve - it appears no one anwered you on dress yet. A bunch of us when we discussed casual - we thought come in what is comfortable - if it is jeans cool. If it is a suit or business casual with a sports coat, fine. I would say being that the reunion is in Nov; naked, shorts, flips flops - it might be too cold for. We even joked that we should all wear 80's attire - and break out those old prom dresses. We really just want to see your smiling face. Hope that helps! Kim

07/08/09 11:57 PM #32    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

For privacy issues, I have removed the telephone number line on the profile. If you have previously listed your telephone number on your profile, you may notice that it is no longer published.

08/08/09 12:41 PM #33    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

Hello Classmates! Here's an update. It has been very busy here at reunion central! We are making plans, brainstorming, finalizing invitations, looking for lost classmates, raising funds and getting ready to have a very fun reunion. We have addresses for almost everyone except for 8 or so classmates. So far, we have had 6738 visitors to the website and have 73% active classmates on the website. There are 92 classmates signed up to have a good time at the reunion and many more are still thinking about coming. We plan to have the invitations out by October with a response due early November. It is going to be a fun time for sure. I will update with any committee meeting minutes so everyone has an idea of what is happening...its never too late to join in on the meetings. If you have any ideas or comments feel free to email me.

08/24/09 08:33 AM #34    

Steve Mason

Not sure who you talked to down at Jeffries about the food ,but may want to stop by and make sure everything is still ok,considering their Chef at the time(Scott Davis)is no longer there..I know how things get screwed up when the head man takes off or leaves (been there,done that).SO just a little heads up on that incase you haven't talked to anyone as of late ..


09/12/15 10:25 AM #35    

Jason Hoegle

There hasn't been a message on this forum in 6 years... The 25 year Reunion was canceled last year. What's up? Lack of interest?

09/14/15 11:48 AM #36    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

yes, lack of interest.  With social media, people would rather use that as a means to keep in touch rather than actually get together.  The reunion committee ended up being a handful of busy people that was tired of begging people to come.    It takes the commitment of everyone to make a reunion happen and not just a handful of people.  Which is a shame because the 20 year was a blast.   

11/17/15 07:38 AM #37    

Shelly Reznik (Haczela)

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